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Morph: Morphing is one’s ability to transform one’s self according to a set desire or purpose. We all have the unique ability to morph or change ourselves according to the situation. One’s ability to change is formed from the early stages of our lives. We learn to be one way for this person and another way for the next person. We learn to change according to the expectations of our parents or guardians. We learn that if would like to obtain a favor from either mother or father that we must approach them in their own unique way. We may ask our mother with a soft and gentle voice, but we may need to approach out father with a confident and strong voice. We also learn to behave differently with different social groups. We may have one set of images for our athletic group of friends. Yet with our Christian group we may project a different set of images. While it may be effortless for us to change when it comes to fitting in with others, yet we find it difficult to change for ourselves.

We all have a deep desire to improve our lives in one form or another, but often we do not act on those desires. One may ask, why are we so willing to change to meet the needs of others, but we are often slow to change to achieve our goals? Why is change so easy when it comes to fitting in with the crowd, but much harder when it comes to focusing on ourselves? The answer to these questions will be different for every individual or group. However, the steps towards transforming or morphing one’s life may start out the same for everyone. First, one must come to believe that change is possible. Second, one must begin the process of making the change possible. Third, one must change. I will expand on these three steps in future blogs, I refer to them as my 3B Philosophy.

The 3B Philosophy is to believe, begin, and become. One has the ability to believe in oneself and to silence the voices of discouragement that fills our minds. It is possible for one to morph or transform one’s life in such a way that we begin to see the results. There is the potential in each of us to become a better and stronger version of ourselves. It is during these times that one may consider seeking accountability, support, encouragement, and guidance from others. Secular and Biblical principles tell us that we can change and that change is made possible with the aid of others. Are you ready to morph or transform your life? Whom have you invited to walk with you through the change process? How will you know you have achieved your goals? Begin your transformation process today. Ready, Set, Go!

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