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Moving Forward

Moving Forward: Moving forward is the desired response to a decision that has been made. As I mentioned before a decision without action or forward movement is nothing more than a fleeting thought. Having made a decision to pursue a desired goal, one must take actions that will lead to the achieving of the set goal. However, forward motion is not always as simple as taking a single step in a particular direction. Sometimes forward motions begin with resisting the urge to rollover in bed. In some situations, you may have to fight against yourself in order to begin moving in the right direction. The decision to get out of bed can often be the most challenging part of the day. Sometimes placing one foot on the floor and then the other foot is a moment to achievement. Having convinced oneself that you must move forward and having put forward effort to stand up and press on, it is time to engage the task itself.

Tasks may vary based on the desired goals you would like to achieve, what is clear, is that the completion of those tasks are essential to the successful achievement of your goals. For example, you may desire to lose a few extra pounds that you have been carrying around. First, you need to get out of the bed. Second, you will need to get ready for your workout. Third, you will need to go to your workout location. Fourth, you will need to begin and finish your workout. And finally, you may want to evaluate and record your experience. In some occasion, one may find it best to partner with someone for support, accountability, and encouragement. There are times when one may work with a fitness trainer, who works with you in the gym to complete a workout program. Other times, you may want to work with a health coach, who works with you to find the purpose and motivation to actively pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle is not a simple task. However, the potential to move forward is within each individual but often we do not know how to tap into our intrinsic motivation which will help drive us through the process of achieving our goals. Intrinsic motivation is doing something simply because you have a desire and passion to get it done. It comes from within you and is manifested in your performances. When you engage in an activity through intrinsic motivation you may find that you really enjoy participating in it. Moving forward begins with a decision but must be followed by actions. Are you ready to move forward? Are you finding it difficult to move forward on your own? As your coach, I would enjoy helping you achieve your goals. Wake-up, get-up, and start your day achieving at least one goal. Ready, Set, go!

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