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Making Decisions

Making a decision: My last blog on morphing brought to mind the ideal that morphing or transformation requires one to make a decision to change. Making the decision to change is possibly the most important step in the process. Why? Making a decision to change means that one must have reach the conclusion that something, somewhere, or someone could be improved. The realization that improvement can be made means that something, somewhere, or someone is yet to maximize its full potential. Such an individual may have identified an area in which growth can occur. Every human being has the potential to grow, in fact we have been growing and developing since the moment of conception in the womb. However, not everyone is ready to put in the work necessary in order for growth or improvement to occur. Some people find themselves unable to decide that they are ready to do the work necessary to grow or improve.

The decision process can involve several steps, but I will only mention the two most important steps. The first step in the decision making process is to realize that there is an area in our live in which growth is possible and necessary. The second step is the decision making process is to get to work, immediately. When one makes a decision to change their lives but does not take any action, one may refer to this as a fleeting thought. Because decisions without actions does not manifest or produce anything. When one engages in work for the sake of the work, this can be referred to as futile labor. Because work without purpose or meaning will soon cease from the loss of momentum. Making a decision to change must be followed with premeditated goals, desired purpose, and ambitious efforts of making the dream a reality.

Making a decision to change, improve, or grow is a process that includes other important steps such as gathering information, examining alternatives, collaboration with other minds, identifying desired outcomes, choosing the best steps forward, evaluating the results, and repeat. One must come to realize that as long as there is breath in the lungs that growth, improvements, and change is a part of the life journey process. Most importantly, change or growth is better done when others are willing participants in the process and journey alongside you on the path to your greatness. What decisions (thoughts) have you had regarding making improvements but have yet to action? What is hindering you from taking action to improve the areas of your life that you know needs some changing? Why are you not putting in the work to improve your situation? You have the potential and ability to change, so get started today. Ready, Set, Go!

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