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Tsunami Life

One of the most powerful events that occur on the face of the earth is called a Tsunami. A Tsunami is a larger tidal wave that has the potential to reshape the environment in which it travels. I am also aware of two essential and consistent elements of a Tsunami, no matter the shape or size. Regardless of the transformation that is found in the aftermath of its journey, a Tsunami must first have a beginning. Tsunamis may be birth from the pressure build-up on that earth tectonic plates as they collide which results in an earthquake. Because of time and energy, an explosion of sorts occurs causing one of earth's most powerful natural forces to be released. Another truth regarding Tsunamis is that they must also subside. As surely as Tsunamis are birthed, they must also dissipate. As surely as one receives life, there must also come death. As surely as one begins, there is often an end. Our life goals, our endeavors, all begins and will at some point come to an end.

In the minds of most of us, we have created images of our achievements at the peak of their Tsunami like state. We can image the strength and force of our great ideals as they transform the environment into which they were birth. We can image the beauty and majesty of well-executed plan evolving into the thing that perfects our life work. We can see the huge curl in the splinting and sparkling water as the warm rays of the sunlight passes through its peak with perfect splendor. However, before around dreams, vision, desires, goals, or even well-wishing reaches such a place it must have a beginning.

Almost all of the worlds super achievers, no matter the field, have indicated that their success did not begin at the place when we see its splendor. They have shared that their work started in some small corner of the world and they began with practice. And they would continue to practice, day after days, hour after hours, minute after minutes, on the things that would one day become their Tsunami. They remind us that we must first start by making ripples with pebbles before we will be ready to move the earth tectonic plates.

Sometimes, we must start small, in some corner of the earth, practicing, practicing, practicing, until we have developed the skills to control and release our Tsunami. How are you honing, toning, and shaping your gifts, skills, or talents today? What ripples have you released upon the world that announces your presence? Are you getting better at making the best ripples? Ready, Set, Go!

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