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Motivation: Motivation is the reason or desire for which an individual is willing to do something. Motivations are typically intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is a driving force that comes from within an individual. Such individual joyfully engages in activities simply because they have a desire to do so. Extrinsic motivation is driven through an outside force that offers some form of a reward. Such individuals are driven to complete the activity because of their desire to obtain the external award. External awards can be monetary or other forms of compensation.

Here is an example, you may find yourself driven to serve 200 customers this year because your company stated that they would give you a $500 bonus. In this situation, an individual is driven to work harder because of the external award, extrinsic motivation. An individual that takes joy in working with their customers and providing excellent service may serve 200 customers every month because of the internal reward. Such an individual would be operating out of their intrinsic motivation. The difference between the two is that an extrinsically motivated individual may find completely the task to be very difficult and burdensome. And is indicted intrinsically motivated individual are more productive.

Motivation to achieve a particular goal can also be increased through self-talk. Personally, when I struggle with starting a task and I do it anyway, I have found that I feel confident, happy, proud, and joyful at having completed it. I often give myself a pat on the back. Such self-talk, self-encouragement, or self-reward provides the fuel to do it all over again. The best motivation one can have when it comes to getting beyond a point of stagnation is intrinsic motivation. You must develop the ability to reach within yourself, to drive yourself, to be the best self, you desire to be. You must take responsibility for achieving your desired goal and taking responsibility may mean asking for help.

Many people have come to learn that self-motivation is not something that comes naturally. For instance, when it comes to exercising and losing weight people may hire a fitness trainer because they need the external voice to motivate and encourage them to stay committed and focused on change. The same is true with those that are aware that they need to make a life or career change. They hire a professional personal coach to support, encourage, and to help them discover the motivation within to achieve their desired goals. Skills that they will be able to apply to other areas of their lives. Are you ready for a change? Do you lack the motivation to get beyond that sticking point? Are you tired of starting something only to stop as quickly as you started? Do you want to make changes in your life that will withstand the trials of life? Hire me to be your life and career coach and let build your brighter future together. Ready, Set, Go!

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