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Don't Let the Moment Slip Away

There are moments in one’s life where the potential for change is made possible. The ability to move from that moment into the opportunity begins within. There have been many times in my life where I have made the mistake of allowing the moment to pass by without seizing the opportunity. I cannot continue to allow the opportunities that God sets in my path to pass me up. I have watch various thoughts and dreams of mine manifest within the life of someone else because they decided to seize the opportunity. I believe God has created and gift me and you with potential beyond our imagination.

We have the ability to do accomplish great things. The dreams, desires, visions, insights, thoughts, ideas, imaginations, and hopes may all be possible if we pursue them with the same passion in which we work for someone else. We work hard to be on time for our job and we spend 8 – 12 hours a day working for someone else’s dreams. But in the meantime our dreams and hopes are slowly dying within our heart and minds. We must change this picture and create a picture that reflects our true purpose.

While sitting on my pity pot, I asked God, “why did he placed such heavy burdens upon my heart?” Why does he asking me to care about the lives of people? Why did I have to be concerned about the down trodden and broken heart? Why must I be the one to lead others towards the development of personal and spiritual wholeness? Why must I have heart that hurts at sight of others pain? His reply was that the heart he gave me is the heart he has for his children. He said he called me to serve him by serving his children.

I am committed to living each moment of my life in service to others. I am dedicated to building, edify, uplifting, encouraging, inspiration, teaching, and challenging those that are ready to move from stagnation and hesitation to living out their dreams and hopes. I am focus on helping to maximize the potential of all individual so that they can become all that God has called them to be and do. These are the moments that I will not allow to slip by me. What are your dreams and hopes? How are you living them out today? Why are you waiting and what is in your way? Begin now and don’t allow the moment to pass you up. The next time you are sitting at a red light waiting for your green light reflect on your dreams and hopes and start laying the foundation to manifest them today. Ready, set, go!

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