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Miracles: Miracles are events that are not explainable by science or natural law. Many of us have lives that are testaments to the concept of miracles. The people that have witness the events we have survived can attest to the miracles of our lives. It does not matter what we have survived, the realization of our ability to overcome the circumstances that sought to destroy us is enough to declare ourselves to be a miracle. Given that we are walking miracles, some of us still live a life of disparity. We have overcome more than most have experienced. We have fought battles many cannot imagine. We have recovered from depths of unimaginable pain. We are overcomers and therefore miracles.

Having overcome the challenges of our lives we should have developed the fortitude to faithfully press forward. Our ability to trust and believe in a power greater than ourselves that is at work for our good will have grown. We should have emerged from the battlefield with a firm conviction that we are over comers. We have come to realize that we are more than just conquerors. We have more than just the skills and talents to win the battle, we have the faith and hope that God is on our side. We are miracles because God has done for us things that we could not do for ourselves.

As walking miracles are we living a miraculous life? Are we dreaming beyond the limits of our imagination? Have we taking hold of the reins of faith and hope in God, believing that all things are possible? Be the miracle that God created you to be. Live the miraculous life that you are destined to live. Ready, set, GO!

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