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Mistakes: God knows, I have made more than my share of mistakes in this life and then some. I have often reflected on the mistakes and poor decisions I have made in my life. During those moments of reflections, especially in the past, I would go through at least two questions. First, I would ask God, myself, and life, what is wrong with me? Second, I would ask, why me? I have wasted countless hours focused on the problems that developed from my mistakes.

Sometimes I would spend hours, days, even weeks, feeling disappointed and ashamed. In the past, I would often devalue myself and my potential to make things right. I was my own worst critic, but my criticism did not have to be negative. My criticism, and that of others, had the potential to shape and change the path of future opportunities. George Bernard Shaw once said, “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

I have learned that by accepting my shortcomings and short falls that I not only gained the wisdom to move forward, but I also gain time. Today, when I make mistakes they become learning opportunities that enables me to make better and wiser decisions in the future. Mistakes today, teaches me how to strategize for my next move. Mistakes today, are welcomed because I know I will only become better as person. I do not view my mistakes as proof of the critical and negative voices that have attempt to speak their degradations upon my life. My mistakes are sign of the courage, strength, and fortitude to press onward and upward.

Have you stop to reflect on your mistakes? What have you learned for them? How have you grown? Do you still give audience to the negative voices? Turn your mistakes into mortar so that you will able build a stronger foundation upon which you can stand. Ready, set, GO!

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