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The best compliment I have received from people recently is that …

“You do not look like someone who has had that type of background.”

Your background does not have to define the person you are today or the person you desire to become. Anyone that has lived some kind of life has a background, good and bad. However, some people get stuck in life because they tend to focus on the things of the past, allowing their past life to hinder their future progress. One must come to the conclusion that the past is behind you and it is time to move forward towards the opportunities that awaits you. Let go of what was and start build on what can be. You are more than your yesterdays and the future holds more than you can imagine. Let's move forward together into a future that has endless possibilities and you will come to discover that your potential is unlimited. 

My hope is that you would grant me the opportunity to share my experiences, struggles, strengths, and hopes with you and for you. If you desire more out of life let me share with you how I, by my faith, have overcome adversities, withstood storms, waded through turbulent waters, and climbed rugged mountains. I have overcome many challenges in my life and have learned a great deal about improving life and doing it well. I am still awed by the goodness of God and all the good things He has laid before me. And I believe that God has better future waiting for you and I know you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I hope you will allow me, with God’s help, to walk with you through the challenges of life so that you can reach new heights personally and professionally. Let us start the journey of moving towards your purpose and destiny together.  

God spoke these words into my life after I had experienced a personal set back, “Do better to be better, and be better to do better.” Each step of my life is not to been a step of perfection, but with each step there as been an opportunity to grow and develop into the person God is designing me to be.


The changes I have gone through in life has helped me to become a better spiritual, mental, intellectual, and emotional person. I am deeply aware of God’s presence in my life and the lives of those around me. I have become aware of the potential within myself and others. I have gone from being a poor and unlearnant soul from the ghettos of Chicago to having earned 4 degrees, two of them being master’s degrees. I have gone from being spiritually and emotionally bankrupt to having a deep sense of self and a strong spiritual relationship with Christ Jesus.


If you (or anyone you know) identifies with any part of my story and you are struggling to find a way out, upward, and/or forward, I would like to help you. I provide my services to those that desires change and wants to improve their lives. Helping you become all you desire and were designed to be is my purpose and desire.

Email me, call me, or text me. Let get to work on making every day a better day for you.

“Do better to be better, be better to do better.”  ~ Corey Moore

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