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Be your all: Be honest - part 2

In part 1 of this article Be your all: Be honest - part 1 I spoke of my philosophy Believe, Begin, and Become (3Bs). I mentioned that a first steps one must take towards living out the 3Bs is to be honest. I hope you do not mind but today I would like to reflect from my heart and personal experiences regarding being honest with myself. Now, I am aware that research has been done on being honest and lying. I know that I can gather plenty of material to support the benefits of being honest. However, I would just like to Be Real with you this day.

I have come to believe that within each individual is the God given potential to be all you have been created to be. I also believe that sometimes we have the abilities within to become what we desire to be. On occasion, some of us discover that what we desire to be is also what we were created to be. We discover our purpose and begin to live it. Such individual are climbing the pyramid of Maslow hierarchy of needs towards “Self-Actualization”.

However, there are some of us that are still struggling with matching our ideal-self with our real-self. What this means for such individual is that they are living a life that is not align with their desires or purpose. We can witness this in the lives of people that are working on a job that does not bring them any satisfaction or personal rewards. Some of these individuals have completed academics programs and obtained a job in a particular field only to please their parents. Some individuals are working on these jobs simply because that had no other choice at the time. All of these individuals failed to pursue a life changing opportunity that would have aligned their real-self with their ideal-self. In other words, they have got comfortable with their current state and failed to acknowledge the necessity for change. Most of these individuals fought against their own internal desires to do or be something greater. The willpower or motivation to change seems to be absent.

Is it possible for one to lose the motivation, will-power, faith, or hope to bring about change? While one may lose the drive to pursue change, I believe that within us all is a voice calling us to press on towards our purpose. However, many of us surrender to a state of comfort or hopelessness in which one may attempt to quiet or ignore the voice from within. On the other hand, there are some of us that experience an awakening. They realize the need for some things to change. They realize that they are the only one that can bring about the change. They come to the conclusion that they cannot do it by themselves. But most of all they accept that they are at the root of the problem. They have come to the realization that they are their own worst enemy.

We like to think that we are doing what is best for our lives and those we love. We like to think that we love ourselves and that we are not to hurting ourselves. Yet, we know deep inside that we often make the wrong choices for what seems to be the simplest or easiest reasons. In such circumstances one may decide not to go to the gym because one is exhausted. But one knows that if you are going to increase your energy levels and get in shape than the gym is a necessary step to achieving ones goal.

I have personally found myself struggling with the process of becoming all I desired to be and to live out my full potential. I have used many excuses for why I have not or could not achieve something. When I look deep within myself, I must come to the conclusion that enemy I must defeat is me. I must wash myself of the self-limiting, self-hindering, and self-denying thoughts. The seemingly innocent thoughts about why I cannot do something became my own self-fulfilling prophecies. I must begin to change the language I allow to occupy space in my heart, mind, and soul.

I must begin to feed positive thoughts, ideals, abilities, and images into my heart, mind, and soul. I have to accept the fact that I made some mistakes in the past and unashamedly close the door on them. I must be honest about the person I have the calling, desire, ability, and passion to become. I must become willing to sacrifice some things and to go through some growing pains. I must be open to learning new techniques and trying new pathways. Most of all, if I am going to be all that I can be I must believe that I have the power and potential to be. What is it you desire to be? And “Be Honest”. May God bless you on your journey and may you discover all you are called and was created to be.

Thank you for reading Green Light Reflections.

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