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Be your all: Be honest – part 1

When I began to pursue the dream of establishing my own coaching business it was around a simple philosophy. The philosophy of the 3Bs, which stands for Believe, Begin, Become and is rooted in my faith as a follower and believer in Christ Jesus. The 3Bs is also comes out of my life experiences. It through these experieces that I have come to realize that I have much to offer to those that are willimg to listen. I have had many life experiences which have made me that pearson I am today. A man that believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and his power to transform lives.

One way in which I hope to help others transform their lives is through my coaching business. I seek to help others discover their path in life and to live out their calling or purpose to the fullest. I believe that God has given everyone a purpose and the power or potential to make it happy. You can learn more about me and my business at my website. The name Drive Potentiality is focus around that idea that one can reach their fullest potential to fulfill their God given purpose. Now, the 3B’s: Believe – Begin – Become.

In future newsletters I will address each of the 3Bs in detail. In this newsletter I am going to cover one to the first two steps one must take prior to the 3Bs philosophy. In life we all seem to reach a point in which we need to make a change if we are going to get beyond that point. Some have refered to these experiences as growing pains. Why must we suffer pain in order to grow? I will get back to that question later. In order to change one must be willing to take a look on the inside. But when one examines one's self and the world around them, are they willing to be honest about what they see and hear. Can you be honest about what you are picking up in your senses?

The first and necessary step, prior to engaging the philosophy of the 3Bs, is that one must be willing to engage in the work of self-evaluation. The process of self-evaluation requires one to be honest about where they are emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When any of these areas are out of line with our true selves we may find it difficult to relate to the environment around us. So, the first step is to “Be Honest”, especially with one’s self.

During the younger years of my young adulthood, I walked the plant as if I had life all figured out. I thought I had all the answers. I knew, what I was going to do with my life. I thought that I was “All of that and a bag of chips”. After running into a few walls, fall down too many times, and learning a ship load of lessons, I came to the conclusion that I knew very little. I had no ideal about the lives of other people. I had a limited few of how the world in which I dwelled was functioning. And the level of knowledge I had about myself was in a state of poverty.

At some point in my journey I began to realize that I know more about keeping other people happy than I did about my own happiness. Such a realization has lead me on the journey of learning about myself, knowledging my shortcomings, realizing the need for growth, and making a decision to truly transforming my life. You see, I had stop doing those things I used to do. I stop going to those places I used to go. I stop hanging out with those people that I used to associate. I made plenty of changes to the external appearance. I began to change the way I dress and speak so that I could be alright with people, but I had not learn to love myself. Why is it important to love yourself? Is it wrong to love yourself? Can you go to far in loving yourself? More on these question later. Back to being honest with yourself, which is an important step to learning to love yourself as well.

The good news is that as my faith and belief in God began to change me on the inside, the people I hung out with changed as well. I began to build relationships with believers that were willing to help me change on levels that I was not consciously aware. I began to learn that I did not have all the answers and that I did not see the whole picture. A friend shared with me the importants of having a coach in the booth above the football field. He told me that the head coach on the field had a limited view of the game. But the coach in the booth could sees everything. Having a coach in the booth is important because that coach could see things that the head coach on the field could not. Therefore, if I wanted to improve my life than I need a coach in the booth, someone to help me hoover over the life I lived. I have more than a coach, I have Christ Jesus. But yes, I have a coach, a mentor, and I have been working with a spiritual director. I believe in being an active participate in the things encourage others to do. Yes, I pratice being honest with myself and I will share my experiences with you next week.

Part 2 will come to next week: Now that the background is over. Late talk about “Be Honest”.

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