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The Coach 

that works for you

Mr. Corey Lee Moore M.Div.

Career and Personal Development Coach

John C. Maxwell Team Member

Mr. Corey L. Moore is a member of the John C. Maxwell team as a coach, speaker, and trainer. Mr. Moore currently works at Grand Canyon University as Faculty Manager and Adjunct Faculty. Mr. Moore is a coach, speaker, and trainer helping others to achieve their ultimate life and career goals. Mr. Moore has many years of experience as a teacher, speaker, mentor, coach, and trainer.  Mr. Moore is an ordained member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, he is a follower and servant leader of Christ Jesus. He actively volunteers at his local church and in the community. 

Corey Moore earned his Associate Degree in General Studies from Paradise Valley Community College. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Arizona State University. He achieved his Master in Divinity Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary Southwest. Mr. Moore has a Master of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University. Mr. Moore is a life-long learner and has accumulated many hours of training and personal development as an employee, supervisor, and personal growth.  Mr. Moore is an ardent reader of the Bible, leadership, coaching, personality, and mindset materials. 

Believe    --   Begin   --   Become

Mr. Moore has over 20 years of experience partnering with others helping them to achieve their goals. Mr. Moore provides coaching and training designed to drive the potential of others beyond all limits. Mr. Moore works with diverse groups and cultures helping every individual achieve their desired outcomes. He works with teenagers and adults encouraging and guiding many towards their goals. 

Mr. Moore has dedicated his life to helping people develop through counseling, mentoring, coaching, training, and speaking. He believes in the ability of every individual, team, or company to achieve greatness. He believes that every individual has within them the potential to reach their highest level. He believes in the combined collaboration of a team to reach heights beyond the abilities of a single individual. He believes that in every great company there are leaders of whom potential has not been tapped or maximized, such individuals can enhance the overall performance of the company. Therefore, Mr. Moore focuses his attention on personal and career development, leadership development, academic development, spiritual growth, and group synergy.

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