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  • Tier I: $150 per session w/ open agreement, personal, video, phone, single sessions, 1 hour, limited phone calls, emails or text messages. 


  • Tier II: $135 per session w/ 3 months exploratory agreement, personal video, phone, bi-weekly, 1 hour, limited phone calls and emails. 10% off selected Driven Potentiality events and programs. 


  • Tier III: $125 per session w/ 6 month commitment, personal, video, phone, bi-weekly, 1 hour, limited phone calls, texts, and emails. 15% off selected Driven Potentiality events and programs. 


Other coaching services pricing may varies: academic, recovery, couple, health, group, and business. 



What's in the cost?


Our price packages are designed to be affordable for those that are living paycheck to paycheck. While we are running a business, our passion is to help others maximize their potential. Especially, those individuals that have limited resources and time that are willing to invest in themselves. Thousands of wealthy executives and celebrities benefit from regular meetings with personal, executive or business coaching. Our coaching services are designed to help you achieve your goals and to live your dream, but also to compensate me for my work and efforts. 


We provide you with excellent career and life coaching tools, tips, training, and techniques that will help you reach the next levels in your career and life.

What are you paying for:  

  • 1 hours of coaching 

  • Meeting Preparation 

  • Tools and Resources

  • Assessment (may have additional cost)

  • Phone Calls/Email/Texting

  • Research and Strategy Study

  • Administration and Processing 

  • Monitoring and Tracking

  • Recorded Keeping 

If we take the 9 tasks identified here (there is usually more) and consider that I spend at least 1 hour on each task it can be concluded that my pay rate is @$16.67 per hour. Please notice that this is less than minimum wage. 


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